The great Poseidon’s residence where fun is dangerously limitless, seeing water is every traveller’s purest joy. From sunny beaches to the banks of rivers and waterfalls, water has become a part of the most primary vacation activities. Agree or not, wherever we go on a vacation, there is some sort of a waterway that calls out for our attention. However, we girls tend to pass over the experience when it comes to water sports (at least in some parts of the world). There’s no harm in trying, and here are some of the must-try water sports for girls on a vacation.


At times we shop for the chicest swimwear, and yet we don’t take a swim. If you are a girl who is not comfortable with being in deep waters, start with swimming in a swimming pool. It’s the safest because the end is visible. If you are going outdoors, pick a small lake and put your feet first to see if the water is warm enough. Lake currents are less when compared to the ocean, so that is your practice ground. Make sure there are other people around you if you are swimming in a lake. Some of us who knows swimming don’t like how our skins brittle after a swim. Well, that’s why moisturizers exist. Lotion up yourself soon after you are done swimming, and your skin will be fine.

Kite Surfing

Surfing is quite overrated. But girls experienced in surfing must try kitesurfing. Kitesurfing is an extreme sport that uses wind force and a power kite to surf on land or water. Kitesurfing on the water is more exciting at the same time requires skill. If you’re great with multitasking and balance coordinating, learning this technique is just a piece of cake. The characteristics of kitesurfing include those of paragliding, windsurfing, wakeboarding and skateboarding. Many wonder how difficult it is. The simples answer is – Quite difficult. If you’re still learning surfing, this wouldn’t be a good option, but if you’re a surfing expert, kitesurfing is for you. It’s totally safe for girls.

Jet Skiing

Did you know that Jet Skiing is not a sport but merely a brand name of a product by the Japanese? The name of the product used in this watersport is called ‘Personal Watercraft Devices (PWC)’. Some watersports can get you thoroughly wet, but not Jet Skiing. It’s comfortable to ride on, and not as difficult as surfing. If you’ve never ridden a Jet Ski, it’s best to let someone teach you first before getting in the water and struggling midway. Jet Skiing is perfect for girls who are fairly comfortable doing water sports. Make sure that you wear fitting and breathable shoes that keep your feet dry. If you fear speed and the motor of the device, you should ride along with somebody.


If you like paddling, sailing in small boats or enjoy the thought of it, canoeing is a great water sport to try on your vacation. Canoeing and Kayaking are similar sports activities but Kayaking is much is easier to manoeuvre than a canoe. However, if you’re looking for the stable and safe aspect, canoeing would do the deed. Unlike many water sports that are extreme and requires skill, Canoeing is much lighter. More than one person can sit in one canoe. As long as too many don’t sit in the corners (thwarts), the chances of a canoe flipping are almost zero. You’d only find them on lakebeds and rivers, and as you paddle slowly across the water stream, you can enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding too. This is also a reason why we believe it’s the ideal holiday watersport activity.

Underwater Diving

Now, this is slightly different from the extreme water sports above the surface. Underwater diving is a sport where people dive down to interact with life beneath the ocean (just like its name suggests). It’s also called Scuba diving. Many people think underwater diving requires great skill, as seen on TV, its professionals who attempt it. But that’s not the case if you’re on a vacation. Especially on tropical coasts, there are diving assistance and gears for rent. If you love to see coral reefs and the beautiful marine ecosystem, all you need is a bit of guidance, and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. Many girls rarely engage in underwater diving because the thought of it scares them. But it is a must-try if you’re a regular watersport enthusiast.


A milder version of underwater diving, snorkelling is also diving underwater but remaining on the surface. Unlike Scuba Diving where divers carry oxygen equipment with them, snorkelling only requires a snorkel (a small tube to streamline oxygen from above). Snorkelling is done on shallow waters, hence the effort required is much less. Although it’s a lot like Scuba Diving, it’s much easier. If you’re new to water sports, or you fear deep waters, snorkelling is the best option for you. Many girls tend to watch coral reefs and exotic fish on boats, but the real deal is just below the surface, so don’t hesitate to get yourself down there.


Last but not least, Parasailing – one of our most favourite. Up till now, we’ve looked at water activities done on the surface, below the surface and mid-way below the surface. Now we are going above, to the skies. Parasailing is an activity where a specially-made parachute is attached to a boat or ski that drags it with the wind’s power. It’s a thrilling activity that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. It requires zero swimming skills, so even if you’re a girl who is not a pro in sports, parasailing would be ideal for you.


There you go! All the best water activities you must try on your next vacation. Some of it may be first-timers for you but don’t worry. We assure you that the fun is real. First, make sure you prioritize your safety first. Second, enjoy!

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