A wedding is a magical day in the lives of two people. It’s magic already that they have met and fallen in love with each other. But such an event is a full manifestation of that love. It’s a day when the two people want to share this love with everyone invited.

And what can be dreamier than walking down a wedding aisle on the beach? Ocean breeze, sun, the gorgeous color palette of the skies, water, and sand. You may need to pinch yourself to realize it’s actually happening.

Building a perfect aisle on the beach may seem like a struggle, though. Some like to keep it as simple as possible, while others want the best of both worlds: a fairytale-like aisle and breathtaking view.

What if we said it’s all possible in 5 simple steps? If you’re the one responsible for the aisle, let us help.

1. Consider the Topic

If the wedding is on the beach, it doesn’t mean the theme of the event has to be marine. Find out what the couple likes, ask them to send pictures of their dream aisle if possible.

Ask about:

  • The color palette;
  • The flowers;
  • The desired topic if any;
  • The scale.

And act accordingly. While you may see it one way, the couple may want a different setting. Cater to their wishes. It’s their day, after all.

2. Consider the Audience

Find out exactly how many people will be in attendance. It’s easier if the guest list is limited to the closest people. However, many couples choose to share this wonderful occasion with 100+ friends and relatives.

The scale and length of the aisle, as well as the number of decorations, greatly depend on this.

3. Consider Renting Instead of Buying

While buying materials gives you full freedom design-wise, it may be quite costly. Don’t forget that you will have to deliver the set to the beach, which may also be an expensive trip. Fortunately, there are many companies that rent decorations.

You’ll have more responsibility because if something breaks, you’ll have to pay for it. However, there are benefits:

  • Most decorations come pre-installed;
  • You won’t need to find a place to store them after the event is over.

4. Consider Hiring Professionals

To make sure you succeed with the decorations of the beach aisle, consider hiring a team of designers. Such services often have decorations for rent, as well as people who will install and then take them down the next day.

If you find such a company, stick to it because you’ll get an “all in one” experience.

5. Make It Convenient

Ask about the outfits and shoes that the couple will wear. While a beach wedding screams “a light dress and sandals”, many brides are choosing high heels for their wedding when they are 15 and want to wear them badly.

With this in mind, create a proper path for the couple and the guests.

With the help of professionals and some creativity, you’ll create an unforgettable wedding aisle on the beach!

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