Beach, sea, sunsets, horizons, sound of the calming waves and pristine habitat deep inside the giant waters are unavoidable to any person residing in an island surrounded with breathtaking waters. Sri Lanka being an island blessed with scenic landscapes and mind-blowing beaches is a getaway for any tourist; foreign or local for the overwhelming tranquility and sun kissed hospitality provided in every part of the island. Country’s tourist attraction places being built mostly around the coastal lines of Negombo, Colombo, Galle, Hambanthota, Batticoloa, Trinco and even Jaffna for that matter offers a mesmerizing experience revolved around the vacation near the beaches. All major star class hotels, resorts and activity centres are mostly established targeting this never-ending sensation of Sri Lankan beaches. In contradiction, the hill country of Sri Lanka offers a differentiating vibrance of cool climate surrounded by the scenic landscapes of tea plantations and forest engulfed attractions. Sri Lankan beaches are of plenty fold as the country is engulfed in a coastal line, however each location is renowned for some unique activity such as Mirissa for whale watching, Galle for colonial architecture, Kalpitiya for meeting Dolphins, Pigeon Islands to see the best coral reefs, Arugam Bay for surfing and fishing and Negombo for relaxation.

Beach is a bundle of joy wrapped in ecstatic celebration. It welcomes people of all walks of life and provides any group of people, be it a family, bunch of friends, office colleagues or even a set of wedding guests to enjoy a carefree moment. Beach side vacations rejuvenate the stressed dopamine within our body making us lost in a world full of reminiscence and contentment. Out of the many activities you could do by the beach, let us recall our memories on few.

She sells Seashells by the Seashore!

Nothing beats the fun of collecting a bag full of different sea shells on the shore that seems to be like a manmade craft, however is the work of nature. How each sea shell differs in its curves, lines and texture mesmerize and renew our sinews wondering the untapped beauty hidden inside the giant waters. Seashell crafting is one classic hobby especially for kids and all art loves. 

Bonfire Parties

The inexplicable joy of singing songs whilst dancing away to the melodious rhythm of nature with the family or a bunch of friends, near the beach with a bonfire lit and the smell of BBQ roasted eateries rejuvenate the taste buds are one-of-a-kind experience that reflects the joy of life. As the sea breeze ease away the pain of the day, a BBQ night on a beach is a definite all satisfying experience.


For all whose artistry is hidden inside, sea sand is similar to an endless canvas that allows you to draw, build and create gigantic sand art pieces. An all-time favourite activity, surely all have done at least once in their lifetime is making sandcastles and seeing it being washed away by the waves. A kid initially learns the art of building and crafting curves and edges in a structure by meddling with sea sand on the beach. If you are on a vacation near the beach with your little ones, ensure to allow them all the time of the day to play with the most kids friendly material; sea sand.


For all the winter struck muscles aching due to the cold climates, getting a beachside vacation in Sri Lanka that offers the best temperature for a fine sunbath is invaluable. Sunbathing is one free healthy treatment for your body that improve the blood circulation and remove toxins in the body. It also helps to tan the skin whilst offering you a ‘me-time’ connected with nature.

Watch the Sunset

The eloquence of the dusking sun that unfolds like an artist’s mastery piece each day is a must watch scenery once in blue moon at least. The sounds of the nature and the color palette that is created on sea waters as the sun sets bidding adieu for the day enacts a sense of tranquility and happiness as you witness the glorious departure of the master.

Explore the Species!

Sea itself is a home for a massive habitat ranging from fish, corals reefs, mangroves, kelp forests and etc. If you are in Sri Lanka, you cannot miss seeing the best whales and dolphins in the coastal lines of Mirissa and Kalpitiya. Not to forget the worlds most beautiful coral reefs in Pigeon Islands of scenic Nilaveli beach is a must to watch in your vacation to Sri Lanka. Down south area of Sri Lanka, naming Koggal and Rekawa beach would show the rarest turtle species of the Indian Ocean.


The best experience of watersports is gained when it’s done in a natural environment than in manmade water worlds. If you are a marine enthusiast, visiting Hikkaduwa, Mirissa and Trincomalee beaches would offer the best snorkeling and diving experience whilst Arugam Bay offers the best surfing adventure. Polhena beach located down south is known for the array of watersports it provides for the tourists.

The list of activities that could be done on a beachside vacation, especially in Sri Lanka is infinite as it provides a wholesome experience that calm all our senses with the sound of the waves, picturesque waters and sunsets, sun kissed sea sand and artistry sea shells. Most of the Sri Lankan beaches allows you to witness Kite festivals if you visit the country during the months of April or August.

Beach anywhere in the world is the most instagrammable location as it unwinds a profusion of nature’s scenic folds. Apart from the usual photographs of the waves that get unfolded just before you and chasing the waves as it recedes from the shore, get involved in diverse fun activities to make your next beachside vacation one of the most memorable in your lifetime. As much as the romantic indulgence a beach offers a couple, it hardly disappoints any of your other vacations with the family or friends!

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