Yoga is a practice that enhance wellbeing and health of an individual, which improvise relaxation through the streams of meditation, body postures and breathing exercises and control. Generally, yoga is practiced in-house on a yoga mat with several other people; however, the difference of beach yoga is it is done at the beach with better background support from calming waves, light breeze and fresh outsider air that augment the overall yoga experience extending meditation benefits whilst soothing the pressure within human anatomy.

Beach yoga classes or practice is one of the most interesting ways to maintain the balance in life amidst the busy schedules we undergo on a weekly basis. Therefore, there are few important points to remember, recollect and follow in order to ensure a profound smooth beach yoga class is being followed. Firstly, the replication for the yoga mat would definitely be the beach towel, as a mat would cause you to slipper on the sand due to instability on the shore. In addition, it helps you not to be covered with sand as you roll on for different postures. Simultaneously doing beach yoga could be harder to balance your posture on a surface that is unstable; therefore, it is necessary to dig in your feet to the sand to gain a better balance. It reduces the injuries caused with leg twist. However, beach yoga improves your posture muscles especially as you work out on an unstable surface like sand the muscles of your feet, hips, shoulders and knees strengthen.

Involvement in beach yoga requires loose fitting clothing to be worn to support you along the meditation journey as comfort fabrics will help you remain healthy, cool and attune with surrounding. Moreover, always having a sunscreen in your yoga bag is necessary if you are practicing it at the beach in order to protect your tender skin from the harmful rays of the sunlight. Whilst being exposed to Vitamin D emitted from the sun is good as it regulates more calcium and phosphates for your body that increase health and happiness. However, anything even sunlight more than what is required is likely to cause you sunburns and other side effects on your body. Furthermore, do not forget to carry a bathing suit to jump right to the ocean after a good sweat on the beach.

Few of the main yoga types practiced on the beach are Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa flow. There are various benefits of doing beach yoga. Firstly, as you attune yourself to Mother Nature it enhances your creativity to a great value than when you do it indoors. Involvement with sea air has many positive causal effects with the antibacterial effects of salt inculcating it helps boost the serotonin from the negative ions found in the ocean air. Beach yoga takes you out from your comfort zones, as your ground is not going to support you to stand stabilized to the ground. Therefore, extra effort has to be put in order to monitor the hindrances associated when moving your body in simulation of the flow. Beach yoga also challenge your focus as you practice yoga amidst disturbances on a public space it involves a quit challenge to remain constant in mind. Moreover you require to adjust your anatomy to suit the heat variations of the outdoors unlike as you practice yoga indoors, air conditioning or heating cannot be adjusted thus all aspects put lot of brain cells, muscles in action to remain calm, cool and collected. However, on the contrary amidst plentiful hindrances for beach yoga, outdoor exercises and specifically yoga carry a lot of relaxation as you are attuned with the nature, ocean breeze, chirping of the birds, carefree behaviour of individuals and sounds of the waves.

Some of the yoga positions you could try on the beach are meditation, side stretches, boat stance, warrior postures, the tree and downward-facing dog. Beach yoga also helps you take nice pictures with your pals with different postures that is going to be very Instagram savvy. It is one of the best ways to build your relationships with your loved ones. If you are choosing a beach vacation definitely, opt for a beach yoga session to have fun with your body and rejuvenate the pressurized muscles. As you visit a beach and spend some time, it generally gives you an emotional boost that calms your mind with the support of the environment. Facets of the soul figurine improves its energy with the soothing environment.

Doing beach yoga is one of the effective ways to lose weight. However, yoga does not involve high intensity calorie burning work out, however yoga can increase your mindfulness and the relationship with your body. Thereby your mind begins to be more concerned on the food that you intake and thus changes the energy going through your body, which assist in losing weight. Moreover, there are few postures also known as Arsanas that helps lose weight through yoga that deliver greater results when practiced on beach amidst contrasting tide. It is pivotal to follow a routine or schedule that begins with light warm up stretches and proceed to more intense yoga positions on beach. Mood enhancement as you practice beach yoga is a core benefit, generally when your surrounding is filled with serene and scenic beauty your mood improve reverberantly causing positive vibes to your soul and body.

In fact, if you research a bit more about, your surrounding wellness resorts they may offer specific beach yoga classes that you could enroll right away to gain the experience at least once in a lifetime. Also, ensure your yogi instructor is competent adequately to deliver the desired outcome you seek by enrolling to the class. Even without a dedicated yoga instructor, you could do a brief research on the postures, start doing your own yoga sessions on the beach, and proceed your way towards becoming a great yogini in the making. Yoga is one of the most beautiful practice a woman could undergo in her lifetime specifically, as it helps you perceive life in a different perspective and writer believes practicing such a beautiful mastery at the beach enhances the embedded value in it. So do try it!

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