It might be too late to talk about spicing up the summer season, but it won’t hurt to prepare for the next spring break. Yes, the first thing that pops in your head when you hear spring break is sun, sea and sand. Hours of soaking under the sun and smooth cocktails by the beach.

Arriving to the juicy part, if you’re a girl, you’d definitely know the struggle of picking beachwear. The first choice is rarely the right choice. Besides beachwear can be generally expensive, so the next time you go swimsuit shopping, here are few things to keep in mind to make your investment worthwhile.

Not too loose

You would’ve faced this issue before when your body-hugging swimsuit let you down while in action. In water, your swimsuit can get soggy (depends on the material, but most of them do). Some of us aren’t very comfortable wearing super tight swimwear but don’t opt for a one-size-big, just because. You might regret later. This doesn’t mean you should wear a really tight one, but do go for a proper body-hugger.

Avoid thin straps

Malibu Barbies can certainly pull these off (or that’s what we think), but thin strap beachwear or G-strings aren’t practical. Firstly, it’s super uncomfortable to move around in them, unless you’re planning to sit in one place the whole time. Secondly, it can be quite revealing. If you prefer not to catch much attention, avoid thin straps.

Look through the Mannequin

We don’t literally mean you should stare at a swimwear mannequin, but whenever your eyes capture a cute beachwear on a mannequin, don’t rush to buy it. Imagine yourself wearing it first. Look at the sliders, the adjustable straps, the fabric, the padding. This has happened to us girls many times, a classic expectation vs. reality scenario.

Buying White

Some of us love the beach vibes, loud patterns and bright colours, but some just love pure White. We couldn’t agree more. It’s classy, it’s chic and it completes summer. However, white beachwear is not so easy to maintain. You must rinse in freshwater almost immediately after wearing and wash with mild soap to prevent it discolouring.

The Size Trick

As girls, we all want to look slim and curvy in our swimsuits. (Let’s not think of the quarantine carbs). Good news is, there’s a little trick that would do.

Those with smaller chests, should wear Cape Cod Push-up Bikinis. They would give prominence to the waistline at the same time, make the chest area look bigger.

Those with bigger busts should opt for specially designed swimwear for D-G Cups. Of course, you can easily fit into few sizes below as well, but if its perfection you seek, this is the ideal choice.

The Bottom Line

You can find many stores that sell swimwear. Some very cheap, some just over-the-top expensive. We cannot say which is the best, but as long as your judgment is clear, you’d be able to pick the right beachwear that suits your body and preference. Good luck!

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