You’ve probably heard of surfboard wax. However, not all beginners really understand why this tool is needed. Indeed, beginners can deal without it, but once you try surfboard waxing, you no longer want to conquer the waves without it. Below you will find the most important information regarding wax and the right way to choose it.

Why Do You Need Wax?

It is logical to start with the most important thing, namely why this wax is needed. In simple terms, you need to cover your board and protect your feet from slipping. Wax will make it easier for you to balance and perform various tricks.

The Main Types of Wax

Let’s discover the main types of wax. You probably know those guys who use the first one they have. But we recommend that you choose wax based on real parameters. There are several types of wax that are suitable for different temperatures. As you can imagine, the choice of wax will determine how successful you will be in surfing. There are the following types of wax:

  1. For cold water (up to 15 ℃).
  2. For cool water (14-19 ℃).
  3. For warm water (19-23 ℃).
  4. For tropical water (23 ℃ and more).

The Key Advantages of Waxing the Surfboard

  • Board weight: wax does not add extra grams, which is very important for those who are not just a fan of conquering waves but also want to take part in competitions. For example, using specialized mats for such purposes is completely unsuitable as they add extra weight to the board, and then it is much more difficult to achieve results.
  • Feelings: Almost all surfers report that wax underfoot gives a special sensation and pleasure. It is much more pleasant to stand on a wax surfboard than on a mat.
  • Result: The wax ensures that your feet will not slip on the board. This material can be considered the most stable to provide grip for the feet and surf.
  • Versatility: Every surfer will be able to find the product that will match not only the desired temperature but also their own feelings.

Top 3 Waxing the Surfboards Hacks

  • Use tropical wax as a base. This type of wax is the stickiest and makes an excellent first coat.
  • Use gasoline to remove wax when you don’t have a special tool. In essence, the effect will be the same.
  • Have a small piece of wax with you as a reserve. Many people are faced with the fact that already in the ocean they notice a decrease in stickiness, and then this small piece will be salvation. The wax can be placed in a pocket on the cuff.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the basic waxing the surfboard information with which you can buy the wax that will bring you success. Swimming without wax is like a mountain hike in high heels. Don’t risk when you can secure yourself a comfortable surfing experience with one tool.

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