Time flies, and although spring is just around the corner, we know that summer will come rushing in very soon. The Internet is full of “beach body” advertisements. Diets, exercise to “burn belly fat”, super-mega teas that will get rid of all your problems after one sip. “Ugh” is the only word coming in response to all of those.

Come on, it’s proven that there’s no way to burn fat in one part of the body without burning it all over the body. Doing ABS exercises won’t get rid of that belly fat unless there’s a healthy, balanced diet and controlled physical activity.

But honestly, why bother?

Some people have that beach body as a goal. But the majority is just going there under the pressure from society and its standards. Do you really want to spend your life following someone’s directions and longing to become “beautiful enough”?

No, it’s time to break stereotypes and start living for your enjoyment. So, here are the 3 reasons why every body is a beach body.

1: Healthy Doesn’t Equal a Number

There are estimates of the weight range you should be in to be healthy. However, when we see gorgeous women nervously approaching the scales at a gym, it breaks our hearts. There should be no single ideal weight. Every person is different, with their own bone weight, muscle percentage, preexisting conditions, peculiarities in metabolism, etc.

Being healthy is eating balanced meals suitable for you and engaging in your favorite kind of physical activity. But it has nothing to do with the number on the scales.

2: Toxic Ideals Are Damaging to the Psyche

Most of us have a painful memory about someone at school, work, even kindergarten, calling us ugly things. As an adult, you have the right to live how you want, wear what you want, and be the size you want.

Instead, so many girls nowadays are still turning to crash diets that never work, run miles and miles a day, and get frustrated when the scales don’t show the desired result. Stop torturing yourself like that.

Meditate, get in touch with your body, ask it how it feels and what it wants. A woman who loves herself and makes good choices that she considers suitable is the new beauty trend.

3: The Swimsuit Choices Are Incredible for Everyone

Many girls think there’s no fashion for plus-size people. That’s a lie; the number of options is staggering, just have a good look.

And you shouldn’t worry about the swimsuit. There’s amazing plus-size swimwear that will suit your shape and highlight the goddess that you are. The variety of models, colors, and sizes is mesmerizing. We live in the 21st century, after all, and a girl shouldn’t fit the clothes; the clothes should fit the girl.

Keep these 3 reasons in mind the next time something or someone will try to get you to fit their standards.

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