Think about a wonderful summer vacation on the gold-sand beach with tasty cocktails and snow-white skin. Something wrong, right? Or your wedding day is coming and you want to get the perfect visual contrast between your bronze skin and white dress? We have a great solution for this. Tanning is a popular trend, and it doesn’t matter if it’s natural or artificial. However, if you choose the natural way, it is extremely important to maintain a healthy glow on your skin. And using suntan oil is one of the best solutions that will make this possible.

The oil pulls to the skin the ultraviolet rays of the sun and speeds up the process by raising the waves. The UV rays get into the skin and speed up the melanocytes’ ability to produce melanin. If you enjoy bronzing or just desire to get a little color on vacation, a quality suntan oil is exactly what you need.

Besides, there is a strong list of advantages of applying suntan oil. It could provide you with:

  • Extra sun protection
  • Get a faster tan
  • Moisturizes your body
  • Antioxidant properties
  • Anti-aging advantages
  • Supports with damaged skin’s reparation
  • Ensures you get an even tan
  • Revitalizes your skin

It not only presents you with a gold tan but also saves your skin hydrated, soft and replenishes lost important minerals and amino acids that are vital for your skin.

But How Does Suntan Oil Work?

Let’s have a minute of interesting biology.

As you probably understand, your skin has three layers: epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. The first one is the outside layer that keeps you out from outside factors. So when you tan it shouldn’t go through the epidermis as it cфт cause strong harm to your skin. The quality bronzing oils contain DHA (a form of colored sugar) that works with your dead skin particles in the epidermis which makes a reaction that triggers your skin to change color. In other words, a simple natural process is simulated – your body can get sun-tanned because of more melanin, which was noticed in your epidermis.

How to choose it?

Understanding the most correct way of using bronzing oil products is extremely recommended, specifically for people that are seeking to achieve that amazing, bronze pigment of their tanned skin. But how to choose it among many labels and which will be the best suitable for your skin? Follow a few simple steps and this process will be the simplest for you.

1. Know your skin type

This knowledge is important not only for using suntan oil but also for all your cosmetic procedures. As even simple and the most natural product can harm you if you have some allergies or other special characteristics of your skin.

If you are aware of your skin type, it will assist you to learn how long you can stay under the sun. And it will be easier to pick the best oil for you. Because some skin types are very responsive to the sunlight and can rapidly burn and peel. When another one could just negate the effects of tanning oil.

2. Look at the components

Take attention to the active elements that are supposed to recognize the sun’s radiation, blocking it from reaching the lower layers of the skin. As we mentioned before, good suntan oil should have dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which creates a reaction that creates a bronzing color effect.

Also, aloe or sodium PCA should be an ingredient as they provide water to the skin and keep it hydrated. Like about each cosmetic product – the more natural components are there, the better results it will bring. And if you found mineral oil, parfum, BHT + parabens, fragrance, then try to skip these products.

3. Brand VS budget

Usually, if you choose a brand, you expect high quality. Of course, you can be caught by a very expensive product, that will not be for you. But generally, the most popular brand really works. And it doesn’t mean that it should take all your money. Do research on the Internet forums, read feedback from consumers or beauty experts and bloggers. It will give you a wide view of many people.

During a selection of suntan oil, keep in the first place its advantages and not the cost. Do not take the cheapest oil cosmetics because you can receive very weak outcomes in the end. Your body deserves the best, and you should be attentive to the things that you consume and use.

How to Make the Most Use from Your Suntan Oil?

After you picked the perfect product for yourself, it is essential to use it correctly. Applying suntan oil can be very effective if you know what to do. And following a few simple steps, you will get the expected results.

First, use a scrubbing brush or a homemade exfoliating paste to delete dirt and dead skin parts before applying suntan oil. Your skin should be clean and prepared. Then is the fun part. Start applying the oil slowly and by a little amount as it is thick, and the “less is more” principle will be perfect for our case. To make sure that you put the oil everywhere on the body, it will be more helpful to use a sprayer. Also, even if your suntan oil has a moisturizing effect, it will not be superfluous to use an extra quality moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

And one thing that is left is to add some sun. After your body is in oil, all that is left to do is get comfortable on the beach or near the pool with some music or books and catch some rays.

Final Word

Reaching a healthy sun-kissed wonderful tan is a fantastic prize after having relaxing hours on the beach or pool in the sun. Applying suntan oil can help you get an even darker tan if you already have a base one. So, let this oil give you a sun-kissed golden tan by acting with your epidermis to boost melanin production. It will help you to be prepared before a perfect vacation or your special event. So, enjoy your bronze skin with ice-cold drinks, your favorite music, and lots of relaxation.

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