Warm sand between the toes, dazzling sunshine, alluring lapping of the waves may become a perfect context to meet your friends or family and have a good time together. Beach party planning is the essential part of it that can be a bit tricky for inexperienced hostesses.

We are here to help you plan a beach party that will stand out in the memory of your guests as a fun time!

Guest List

A guest list is the first thing you should prepare, so the rest of the beach party planning will go easier and you will feel more confident. Not only it defines the party size but also gives you some essential info about the people you welcome. How old are they? Do they drive? Are they vegan? Any allergies? Such basic facts will help you make the party joyful and fun for everyone.


Here you have a couple of options to choose from: you can either prepare the food yourself, suggest a potluck, or order out the dishes. Whatever you choose, keep the menu nice and simple, then the snacks will be easy to eat, and you will not have much to clean up afterward.

Include a lot of fruit in your party menu, try to make it healthy. Do not forget to check if anyone is allergic to some food and have some options for them, as well as for vegans. Let your menu be inclusive, so everyone will stay nourished and happy!


Water, water, water. Take care of your guests and help them stay hydrated. It is vitally important especially during a beach party, when people tend to thirst under the sun and strong drinks.

Also, prepare non-alcoholic options such as refreshing fresh juices. Make the guests drink responsively, especially drivers. Affected by the hot sun, too many cocktails may result in a disaster.


Music is an essential part of any party. Here you can get creative, and you have tons of opportunities to do it! But the ultimate tip is to keep the playlist diverse, mix chilly background beats with the hottest hits of the summer.

Make sure you know your guests’ tastes, so everyone can enjoy the time. If your company consists of your close friends, it would be great to choose a moment for nostalgic vibes and listen to the songs that unite you and refer to nice times spent together.

Backup Plan

Coastal regions tend to have unpredictable weather, so having a plan B may become a thing that would save the whole event. Think of a warm place where you can also have fun, so you are not afraid of weather surprises ruining your party.

While creating a beach party plan, try to think of every detail and include it in your list. Your guests will appreciate the efforts you put into organizing this event. After all, no party can go wrong if spent with the right people. Just concentrate on having a whale of a time and make this party unforgettable!

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