Who’s eagerly waiting for 2020 to end soon? This year certainly has not favoured our outdoorsy vacationers and beach lovers, however this gives all the more reasons for us to prepare for summer, 2021. Let’s step out of our houses when spring blooms, to grab the attention of every eye passing by as we make our way to the nearest beach. Well, we mean with your attire. Maintaining the beach body is completely in your hands.

By beach attire, we are not limiting our content to a specific gender. In fact, we’ve discovered the top trending fashion information for both men and women when it comes to beachwear. Let’s take a read.

Making Waves with the Trends: Women

Floral & Patterns

Ladies, It’s time we spiced things up in the swimwear wardrobe! Ditch those pastel pale shades and generic bikinis. Go get yourself some funky patterns and floral designs. This would give you some chic Tropical ‘Bali-vibes’ and anyone can easily pull over Florals.

floral patern bikini

Neon Colours

Neon swimwear is becoming the new hype. It could be a hot pink, a lemon yellow or even a contrasting green. If you’re really looking to stand out of the crowd, here’s how you can do it.

One-piece Suits

True that two-piece swimwear is more versatile and agreeable for any kind of body. However, if you’ve really worked your summer body. A two-piece would not do justice in showcasing it. Plus, one-piece is currently trending in the celebrity world too.


White Bikini

We’ve brought this up once before. White beachwear is quite the trend, however, maintaining white can be tricky. By succumbing to rinse with freshwater almost immediately, your swimwear might discolour.

Back To the Shore Trends: Men

Military Look

Men can certainly turn their skimpiest beachwear into a rugged masculine one by simply adhering to the ‘military rules’. Yep, shorts in military style pattern. Make sure they’re not too long, so it sits perfectly without covering too much skin.

Beach-to-bar Trunks

Gone are the days when men wore shading shorts. Stick to a single colour trunks. Make sure the colour compliments your skin tone too. Especially if you’re a pale skinned person, you certainly don’t want to wear baby blue and look like a cloud.

Beach-to-bar Trunks

Botanic Shirts

Yes, just like they emerged in women’s fashion. Florals have made its way here as well. However make sure your floral shirt is not very colourful and diverse, or else high chances you’d be mocked by the fellows.

Sporty wear

This style will always be adored by all. Sporty swimwear never fails to uphold the rugged look. If you’re not living up to regular trends, but don’t want to look invalid, try a branded sports short. It would definitely give you the recognition.

The Bottom Line

Fashion trends are like hot cakes. People love adapting to the latest styles and posing on social media. While you have some time ahead of you, why not you too join the hype! We hope these tips were helpful. Good luck!

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