Summertime is beach time. It’s time to break out your favorite summer dresses, tank tops and shorts. There’s nothing better than feeling the warm ocean breeze while lounging on the beach. When the sun comes out get ready to grab your sunnies and hit the beach with your friends.

While you may spend every bit of your free time relaxing and playing at the beach, the real excitement comes when the beach parties begin. Whether it’s a day party filled with sand volleyball and surfing, or an evening party firing up the barbecue and singing by the bonfire, you want to dress to impress. The styling options are endless, so here on some tips on how to dress and what to wear to a beach party.

Dress for comfort

Style may be queen, but comfort is king. If you’re going to be partying at the beach for hours on end you not only want to look good, but you also want to stay comfortable. Avoid swimsuits that start riding up or rubbing you the wrong way after wearing for a bit. If your bathing suit is too tight or too strappy it might become itchy or irritable if you’re wearing it for the whole beach party.

Make sure to wear comfortable sandals for getting down to the beach. But hey, if you want to wear those cute wedges you just got then go for it because you can always take them off and enjoy the sand between your toes. We still recommend bringing an extra pair of sandals or flip-flops for getting home after the party.

The best thing you can do when attending a beach party is bring a variety of clothing. Maybe you plan on swimming but want to change later. Throw a comfy summer dress into your bag or a cute pullover and cotton shorts to change into as the party goes on.

Dress for protection

You are going to dress to slay, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about protecting yourself. We live for sunny beach days, but we don’t live for burned or damaged skin. You should always wear sunscreen if the party takes place in or starts during the day. You can also bring a cute, floppy sun hat. It’s stylish and protects your face from the harsh sun!

Add a cute cover-up to your beachwear collection. A stylish cover-up makes for the perfect attire for any beach party. You can wear your swimsuit underneath while elevating your style with a versatile cover-up. You can throw on the cover-up if you’re feeling heat exhaustion or if the sun is setting and the temperature is falling a bit.

Dress for style

Crop tops, bandeaus, shorts and capris — we love versatile beachwear. If you plan on swimming or getting active during the party, try a trendy one-piece swimsuit. One-pieces have made a huge fashion come back. There are so many options to stay on-trend and keep everything in place if you’re running around the beach. If the vibe of the party is more chill you can sport a cute bikini or two-piece.

Don’t forget to cover up when you’re chilling on the beach. You can wear a matching skirt and top combo, a stunning crochet cover-up, or a comfy tank top and shorts. The great thing about beach parties is that your style, in combination with the sunny beach vibes, will highlight your natural beauty. There’s no need for styling your hair, sporting heavy make-up or excessive accessories. Pick light and flowy summer pieces that help you shine to make sure you steal the show at your next beach party.

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