When packing for a fantastic and enjoyable summer vacay (while being perfectly safe!) there are some items that you simply cannot miss out on. These items are holy grails to bring along, with each proving their worth at any one point in your fun getaway. Chances are you’re a globe trotter or a backpacker so some of these items may not be a stranger to you. Without further ado, let’s explore what’s on our packing list!

Item #1: Sunscreen

You absolutely cannot discount the sunscreen. Broad-spectrum, zinc-based physical or mineral sunscreen, any day, any time.

Chemical sunscreens are also a great, cheaper alternative of the two, however, summer vacays tend to get a little messy, and with lots of water play involved so pack up on the sunscreen and remember to dot the cream using two fingers full of product. More is always better with sunscreen!

Item #2: Hand sanitizers and baby wipes

Made especially important this pandemic season, hand sanitizers are an asset to have with you no matter where you go. Whether you’re staying at a five-star beach hotel, a rickety but cool-looking treehouse by the beach, or even an intimate forest villa – you’re bound to come into contact with dirt, germs, and bacteria.

What makes it even worse is it’s super difficult to know what not to and to touch or hold. It can make going to the public restrooms so much easier (and with peace of mind!)

Item #3: Vitamins and medications

Not even a summer vacay is a good enough reason to ditch your vitamins or prescribed medication, much less if it’s crucial to your everyday health upkeep. Be sure to stock up your vitamin Cs, Omega-3 fish oil tablets, and your probiotics for a healthy journey on the road, on the beach, and in the ocean!

Item #4: Passports and important documents

Whatever you do, make sure you have these two items with you at all times, or the very least, stored in someplace safe and protected. If you’re planning to go dip into the water, do remember to place your passports or important documents someplace dry and safe, such as the hotel’s lockers or in one of those safe boxes that come along.

As for passports, it’s always recommended to place the important booklet in an RFID-blocking passport holder. Some people also prefer to make copies of these important documents since you’ll always be sure to have a copy of it somewhere.

Item #5: Hats and sunglasses

When you’re out and about on the beach in broad daylight, the chances of getting sunburnt are unsurprisingly high. Melanoma, a skin condition that is cancerous, caused by the triggered melanocytes is known to be caused by unprotected exposure to sunlight.

The melanoma can further hyper pigment the area most commonly around a person’s eyes and mouth to an extent, with many needing huge protective sunglasses, body covers, or even hats to shield off the sun. The form of skin cancer can be very dangerous if left unmanaged, and part of what makes it so important is to have hats and sunglasses at the ready, just in case wherever you’re going to is toasty warm.

Item #6: Bandages, first-aid, and insect repellant

Chances are you’ll be spending your summer in a humid, warm tropical climate where the air is salty from the seawater and the sun rays are glaring. In this case, you should always expect to experience a few annoying mosquitoes or insect bites which are always part and parcel of summer living.

First-aid and bandages may always come in handy just in case of minor scrapes or bumps. If at all there needs to be urgent medical assistance, don’t hesitate to ring up the local healthcare provider or the nearest hospital in the vicinity.

A little packing list may go a long way to make your summer vacation an absolute dream.

Always remember to go light on your outfit packing and toiletries, since most homestays and hotels provide their own for use. One great thing to also bring along is your very own plastic bottle that is recyclable and great for the environment.

The world is your oyster, and you should always keep it as lovely, if not lovelier, than when you first came across it.

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