For most people, a trip to the beach is all about soaking up the sun or catching up to the latest adventures your fictional hero is about to embark on the pages of your favorite book. However, for a selected bunch of active goers, the beach screams one thing only! Game-time!

As model Gisele Bundchen says, ” I love outdoor sports, like volleyball, and I play them whenever I can.” This quote echoes in the hearts of many fitness freaks and volleyball lovers out there. When it comes to beach volleyball, it’s a matter of competition. A beach-inspired Wimbledon – only ten times harder, as they say.

There are many pros and cons to playing beach volleyball, but what you need is relatively simple. As long as you have a big beach volleyball net, a volleyball, at least two players on each opposing side, and lots (and lots!) of energy and enthusiasm, you’re pretty much good to go! Buckle up as it might be a lot to chew.

The Bright Side

1. If you have a great team, your game is going to be a never-ending fun time!

This is true for most sports and activities that require the whole team’s energy and spirit to keep the game as fun as it first started. You’re never going to feel bored halfway through the game. Plus, you’re more interested in passing the time with your best buds!

2. You can learn how to be a good leader, just from the sport!

Most people would argue that accepting team lead roles in your professional career is one good way to be a natural-born people leader, but that’s simply not true. You can even hone your skills in leading people to victory through beach volleyball. All you have to do is participate and be vocal throughout the game! It might take more energy, but it is worth it!

3. Volleyball is a fantastic exercise – and like most exercises, you can lose weight and stay fit!

Volleyball in itself is a great way to stay fit and exercise those muscles. As you jump, run and pace yourself throughout the duration to serve and shoot your shot, you’re intentionally putting those fats to burn and those muscles to work stronger. After some time, you’ll feel the burn, but at least it’ll be at the expense of getting stronger and fitter!

There is no doubt that athletes endure lots of muscle pain after a good session of workout. After all, you reap what you sow! Beach volleyball is just that, but three times harder. The conditions of the sand and the uneven terrain where your sole imprints on will make it more strenuous, but it also enables you to train better and stronger. Conditions in the open beach are a challenge as well, as high sun exposure may hinder your ability to play it for a longer duration. In these cases, it is imperative to put on your Sun Protection Factors (SPF) at least 30+, for full-spectrum UVB and UVA protection. Strong winds from opposing sides may also be a factor to weigh in when playing beach volleyball.

4. You learn how to compete, win, and you also learn how to lose – and that’s okay!

Yes, that is perfectly okay. That’s reality anyway, and the earlier in life you’re aware and focused on the reality of things, the better you’re off then. Playing beach volleyball, or any other sports for that matter is not only about winning. Bittersweet memories, a lifetime’s worth of experiences, and raw skill can also come from losing some battles. It’s best to pick and choose your battles in life.

As you learn how to compete and win, you’re gearing for success and the chance of proving yourself wrong to naysayers. Many would say the true prize when playing sports happens when you lose, and you pick yourself up and start again.

The Downside

1. You’ll be experiencing lots of sand contact – so beware!

The rough and uneven terrain of sand may hurt your elbows and knees when you’re diving to your knees to block incoming calls. That’s what playing volleyball does to you, but you should always try to come better prepared for a game, and that includes using kneepads and investing in proper sports shoes.

2. You’ll get lots of exercise – that includes lots of jumping too!

Proper form and balance are very important when playing volleyball. Along with running and diving on your knees to block incoming calls, you’ll need to jump to serve the ball high up. Jumping many times may put a considerable amount of stress on your body, knees and legs so take ample rest in between sets.

3. Spatial awareness must be your friend in this game

As playing volleyball is an ongoing intense game where something is always happening, you will need good spatial awareness to continuously react to the situation and serve, block or hit the ball at the right times.

4. You’ll require more players for the game to be challenging

Having lots of players involved in a game can, at times, sound more troublesome than it is. Unlike most games that you can play and practice on your own, volleyball is a game where teamwork plays a very crucial element in winning altogether. The more team players there are, the higher the odds of players winning over the other. That only makes for a more interesting game set.

Wrapping up…

Volleyball is a fun game, by anyone’s standards. The key element here is to enjoy the constant flurry of activities and, most importantly, have loads of fun!

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