I’m pretty sure the mere mention of being a lifeguard brings only one thought to mind. Baywatch Or Miami Vice. Either way, both have delicious eye candy in the fittest shape ever, and both sports lifeguards, doing what they do best, saving lives and looking fabulous at it.

Jokes aside, being a lifeguard has more than the usual glitz and glamour. Not only do you have to be a professional and capable swimmer and diver, but you also need to have a basic understanding of medical knowledge to help out wherever you can. It’s not always about the ‘fame’ and ‘power’ in sitting on the high seat at the watchtower or house – but there are real challenges associated with being one.

However, it’s impossible to not dream of becoming a lifeguard at the beach – what’s not to enjoy? You get to see some of the most beautiful views in the world – the vast, overlooking glorious sea! What can be better than feeling the soft grains of sand slipping through the cracks of your toes as you enjoy a stroll? What’s not to love showing up every day to save lives? With that in mind (and many more below!) let’s dive right into why you should take a chance in being a lifeguard on your next vacation.

Work from a beautiful picturesque environment every day!

Work from a beautiful picturesque environment every day

Say bye to vacation breaks! Instead, say hello to beautiful ocean views and sunny days ahead! Most of us work under a fluorescent light and face our laptops 24/7. Being a lifeguard gives you the best of both worlds – sunny natural light to give you a glorious tan. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your eyes scanning documents or the tiny font that accompany the laptop work.

What’s more – you might find that you don’t need to chase vacations or count your days to the next annual leave you have if you’re facing the ocean every day! Not to mention the amount of money you can save up for vacations that take you away from the normal, idyllic beach sites. You might even get to enjoy travelling to a small quaint town in the countrysides or a forest camping vacation instead.

You Get To Save Lives And Make Your Difference In The Grand Scheme Of Things While Wearing Cute Outfits!

You Get To Save Lives And Make Your Difference In The Grand Scheme Of Things While Wearing Cute Outfits

Now, going into the real reason many people take up lifeguard jobs or duties, besides the obvious external appeal. The desire to save lives is one of the many noble things people can do for others in this life we get. All of us have one life and using it to serve a higher or noble purpose- that’s as best as it can get. Some even measure one’s life’s worth from noble, selfless and compassionate acts of good – one of them to help keep others from harm’s way.

Being a lifeguard essentially hands you an opportunity to do more good. Helping keep our waters safe, lifeguards do not only get to save someone from the number one cause of death by drowning in the water but also spot any incoming dangers that lurk in the water that people swim in. Sharks or even rip currents can put you in potential danger. Both of which should be within the watchful eyes of the lifeguard.

You Get To Stay In Shape, And You Don’t Even Need The Stuffy Gym!

Another perk of being a lifeguard at your local beach (besides being surrounded by nature’s glorious scenery) is the fact that you get to move those muscles naturally as you go about your duties.

Of work, you can even enjoy doing a couple of exercises that are made literally for the beach! Plus, these exercises do more for you than a simple cardio exercise at the gym can do. It all goes back to the sand being a slightly unstable surface, which gets more tricky, also enables your core muscles to work harder to retain the gains you just made.

The soft surface of the sand also allows you to go easy on your joints while exerting a higher level of strength for your core workouts. A top pick for workout trainers and fitness gurus, exercising on the sand does more than just get you in shape for those beautiful bikinis and swimwear! It also does extraordinary wonders for your mental health and rejuvenation.

Breathing the fresh beach air and feasting on the beautiful views while you dedicate your time to help others enjoy the sea while keeping them out of harm’s way is the best way to spice up your vacation experience. It might just end up being the break you never knew you needed.

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