If you are 50 years old and above, you love going to the beach, and brunch or a barbeque by the poolside with friends and family. But, many feel nervous about showing their bodies in public. Dressing age appropriately is important to keep it classy. Class is defined by how we as women use modesty to dignify our bodies by the clothes we wear. The classy women of the 50’s era focused on defining curves and concealing imperfections. Inspired by the 50’s stylish modesty and bold femininity I have gathered some tips on how the retro look proves beneficial when it comes to avoiding looking floozy in a bathing suit.

1. Think, Fun, One-piece bathing suit

One-piece dresses are the best choice for age-appropriate dressing. They cover what needs to be covered and for mature women, there are styles with a longer back covering. A fun one-piece style is the swim dress, a blend of a one-piece and a short dress that offers more coverage over the thighs. Pinup girls of the ’50s made sure their bottom was completely covered bringing less attention to the area. For some of you mature ladies, this area might feel uncomfortable to show, and covering in a flirty way is the way to go. Swimdresses are flattering on all bodies and the movement on the flap of the dress makes it fun.

2. Ruching and pleats will be your BFFs ( if not already)

When it comes to camouflaging the torso area or any lumps or bumps, ruching and pleating will do the job. Whether on a printed bathing suit or solid, ruching makes a visual illusion that reduces the size of your tummy. Ruching was a very popular way of manipulating fabric in the clothing of the 50’s era.

3. Trust that the color will do the trick

It is no secret that solids and dark colors are the first choices when it comes to dressing, not only do you look classy but also slimmer. However, do not let this deter you from the joy that bright colors bring! Colors affect your mood.

4. Support and fit

What I mean is that the bra size of your bathing suit should fit you perfectly. You want to avoid adding pressure to your skin when too tight or when too big, it might shift when in the water. As I always say, avoid the constant pulling and fixing the garment. Look for comfort at all costs; it will translate in the way that you carry yourself. This may mean trying on many bathing suits, but it will be worth the while. Buy it to bring the support your breast need, especially if you are busty.

5. Cover-ups

Finally, walking around the pool you may want to cover yourself at all times. My suggestion is a long wrap sarong that can be worn in multiple ways and you can pick the colors to match your bathing suit.

Caftans are a modest and elegant option offering maximum coverage. You can wear it all day when paired with the right accessories if you have a long and busy day of activities.

All women are beautiful at every age and our clothes can help us enhance that beauty. I hope you can take inspiration from the daring women of the fifties. Women that exuded elegance, temperance, and femininity which permeated into their wardrobe.

 Remember to keep it classy, fun and modest. Happy Summer!

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