Camping on the beach can be a lot of fun! Besides packing your tent, swimming gear, food, potential tools, and air mattresses, you must give a hammock a chance! If you have not experienced the joy of sleeping or lounging out in a hammock, this article is for you. They come in every color, material, and different sizes. Hammocks provide benefits you would not expect.

Hammocks are used for rest and sleeping. They are practical, easy to transport, and sleeping off the ground protects people from animals, snakes, and insects. Hammocks originated in South and Central America, then its use spread out throughout the world.

There are benefits attached to a hammock that are not as obvious : 

  • Comfort. Because there are no pressure points, the body can completely rest. Supported, suspended, sleeping in the hammock is like floating on air.
  • Stress release. The gentle sway of the hammock is comforting. The mind and body easily relax.
  • Better sleep. Modern sleep studies verify that hammocks provide benefits including longer, deeper sleep.
  • Cozy. The hammock offers the feeling of being hugged and comforted in.
  • Affordable. Many people spend thousands of dollars trying to get a bed that allows for a good night’s sleep. Air Mattress, bedsheets, etc. A hammock is a real bargain in comparison.

Hammock on the beach

Hanging up the hammock can be tricky but equally fun. When selecting the location, make sure you can pick an area where there are trees or poles to hang the hammock from. Granted, there are stands for hammocks but, the experience of attaching your hammock to a tree adds to the thrill.

Wrap a rope, tree strap, or other suspensions securely around the two tree trunks. Then use a knot, a carabiner, or other hardware to attach the suspension to the eye (end-loops) of the hammock. Tree straps are the easiest to use and the most gentle on trees, whereas anchoring hardware will damage trees.

Does the material influence the comfort of the hammock?

Fabric hammocks tend to be stronger and more durable than rope. Rope hammocks and fabric hammocks are both comfortable, but fabric hammocks are better suited for cooler weather than rope as they have a tighter weave. You can make your decision based on the weather or if you feel more comfortable laying down on a fully covered surface vs the open weave of a rope.

In conclusion, hammocks provide comfort, deeper sleep, and rest, are practical, light, and it will help soak in the beauty of nature during the day or at night time. Picture yourself rocking yourself in a hammock feeling the cool breeze at night and waking up to the sun rays on your skin every morning. Hammocks are perfect for couples who like to cuddle. If that is you, there’s no better place to rest and talk about life with your significant other. No matter your priority, the beach will get so much better when you enjoy it from the comfort of a hammock.

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