Most women like to show off their curves at the beach or pool. It is known that much time and money is invested in achieving a “summer body”. The best swimsuit type to show off your bod is the famous bikini style. When wearing a bikini you must consider your body shape. Choosing the most flattering style for your body type is key. Here is a list of suggestions for each and remember to stay away from comparing yourself to others and harsh self-judgments. The purpose of this list is to make you feel the most confident and beautiful in your skin!

Inverted Triangle or Athletic

When buying for this body type have in mind the following tips to bring balance to your figure. This body type combines broad shoulders with a straight bust, waist, and hips.

  • A small bust can be enhanced with embellishments, ruching, ruffles, or uniquely cut necklines.
  • To balance out the shoulders and bring volume to the hips, use color blocking, prints, and horizontal lines or stripes for the bottom.
  • The shirring on the bodice, details on the sides or a one-strap construction help create the illusion of a more defined waist.
  • Combine simple, plain tops with fancy bottoms to balance out shoulders and hips.


Rectangle body shapes have a straight figure, slightly defined waist, hip, and bust.

  • Halter bikinis and tank tops look fantastic on rectangle body types because they add curves to the top and make you look more feminine.
  • Monokinis can bring the illusion of an hourglass shape to the straightest of rectangles.
  • To bring volume to your hips or bust, choose bold patterns, ruffles, ruching is all great for creating an illusion of curves.
  • avoid bandeau-style tops as they will emphasize your lack of upper body curves – making your body look boyish.


The triangle or “pear” shape is wider at the hips, with a smaller bust and narrow shoulders.

  • Go for tops with bold patterns, elaborate styles, padded cups, and plunging necklines to emphasize your bust’s natural curves.
  • To conceal any thigh or rear flaws with details on the hip area and skirted bottoms.
  •  Opt for figure-flattering solid colors and darker shades to avoid adding more attention to your bottom.
  • High waisted bottoms help big thighs look slimmer and elongate legs.


An Hourglass figure is evenly proportioned, with a well-defined waist. Most styles are flattering for this shape.

  • High-waisted types of bikini bottoms will draw the eye to your slim waist and cover up your tummy if you need to.
  • Matching sets are flattering because they will keep your body in proportion.
  • Bandeau top or sweetheart neckline will be perfect for you as it will draw attention to your feminine figure. 


Oval or Apple shape is broader in the bust and waist, and sometimes in the shoulders, in proportion to the hips.

  • Emphasize the curve of your hips with patterned bottoms and side-ties.
  • halter tops and deep cuts help slim down broad shoulders and thick torsos 
  • A belted high waisted bottom will cover and flatter a round belly.

I hope these tips can help you make the best choice for your beautiful figure no matter its shape! 

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