Are you looking for games to play while on the beach? Beach volleyball is a game filled with fun and is a great way to stay in shape while taking advantage of the tropical weather. Beach Volleyball, in particular, is an excellent cardio exercise; the sand resistance develops physical endurance, agility, and toned muscle. It is also a great way to boost Vitamin D intake from the sun!

These are the top 5 reasons why Beach Volleyball is THE BEST game to play while vacationing with friends.

Rules are easy to learn

Volleyball is an easy sport to learn and avid players are willing to teach those new to the sport. You can play in couples or teams of six. The main goal is to keep the ball from touching the sand on your court. You will use your arms to keep it in the air while trying to make the ball hit the sand on the opposing team’s side of the court. You will fall in the soft silky sand many times and that’s where the fun lies.

Diving into the sand

Playing on the sand is relaxing and, it can boost your stamina, all at the same time! Volleyball is a game that requires the use of your whole body to keep the ball from falling on your court. It may mean diving into the sand and ( eating some) but, it is all part of how committed you are to the game!

Vitamin D intake while having fun

According to doctors, when you expose your skin to sunlight, it makes vitamin D from cholesterol. The sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays hit cholesterol in the skin cells, providing the energy for vitamin D’s synthesis to occur. A few hours with sun protection can rip many health benefits. Are you ready?

Bonding time with the group

Beach Volleyball offers an opportunity to bond, get to know your friends, and even make new friends if need be. As you play, you must communicate with your teammates, cheer them on, and even tease the opposing team. Everyone’s personalities will come alive!

If you are short on players to make up your team, you can invite onlookers to join and potentially form new friendships.

A great full-body workout

Playing sand volleyball is a fun and challenging way to strengthen your whole body. The resistance from the sand makes for an effective workout since your muscles have to work harder to maintain stability. Playing this sport can help tone and strengthen your lower legs, thighs, belly, shoulders, arms, as well as your upper body.

Lastly, if you are following CDC recommendations; Volleyball, is hands down ( or up) the best choice when it comes to playing a game and being responsible. Players need to distance and keep their space to be ready to receive the ball.

A little competition on the sand never hurt anybody! Let’s go!

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