As a mommy-to-be, your entire wardrobe has to change. You changed sizes and even sections at department stores. Your body changes and grows, along with your baby. This summer, your physique looks a little different, and you need a swimsuit. The good news is, some brands have you and your pregnancy in mind. Choosing the best suit will depend on your style, personality, and level of comfort showing off your baby bump.

Based on the areas that transform during these joyful months, here are tips to make you feel confident in your new bod.

  1. Your bra size has changed and probably your bottom too. Embrace this change and get your bra size and cup measured. You want to make sure everything is placed and covered where it needs to. Avoid the annoyance of fixing your suit constantly.
  1. Make sure that the suit offers support to your bust area, padded or wired, if they are too large, you may want to consider it.
  1. For your bottom, if you love wearing bikinis or two-piece suits, consider high waist bottoms. They will fit snugly over your belly and offer coverage and support all around. The regular bottoms may roll down and you want to avoid shifting it all the time.
  1. Tankinis are an option when you are on your 3rd to 4th trimester, the belly is a little bigger and you may want to hide the stretch marks or the linea nigra. Fun shapes to try are halter or V-necks. They offer easy accessibility to the belly while still offering coverage.
  1. One-piece suits are the most comfortable because they cover your torso to give your baby some protection while enjoying the sun. If they make you feel too covered, play with the necklines of the suit. V necks, deep plunge, off the shoulder, or even strapless will make you feel fun and alluring while covering your belly and your bottom.
  1. You can still wear a bikini if you want to show off your belly. Most women wear them in the early stages of the pregnancy and even use the same bikini as before. Bikinis might not be the best option as your belly and the most prominent areas of your body start growing. All you would want to look for is comfort and safety. 
  1. If breaking away from your bikini gives you anxiety, try wearing a one-piece that has mesh on the belly area. This material is breathable and will still give the illusion of showing your bare skin.
  2. When considering colors and patterns, I suggest you keep large prints to a minimum. However, if you look and feel good in it, buy it! Never compromise your sense of style and personality when it comes to this.
  1. Accessorize with a wide brim straw hat, sunglasses, fun bangles, and a sarong tie skirt cover-up.

Now, you can confidently choose a style that fits you best. As you try them on, think of all the different scenarios and how you would need the garment to perform in them. Most importantly, have fun and get your husband involved in the search. I am sure he will appreciate the gesture.

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