Being a curvy girl in a slim-cut world is challenging, for the best of us. 

If you find yourself walking into a shop and leaving (more than once) with nothing just because it doesn’t fit you right at your hips, or breasts then my dear, I understand that feeling all too well.

Choosing swimwear, in my opinion, is a personal hell. Growing up with triple D-sized breasts and constantly needing to put the cuter, more trendy swimsuits back on the rack was tough. What made it even more challenging was having to grow older and realize that the resentment has grown. Over the years, and in the littlest of things.

However, not all hope is lost. If you find yourself struggling to make sense of outfit choices and especially when it comes to rocking swimwear or even feeling comfortable in your intimate wear, worry not! Let’s dive right in on what worked for me (and hopefully, it works for you just as well too).

Tip #1: As hard as it is, love your body. For all its curves and turns, it is your one body that is yours, and it will love you back

This is paramount. I wish many people, curvy or chubby like me, hold this true to their hearts. The more you hold resentment on things you were gifted or born with, the more that anger becomes unconstructive and self-destructive. The last thing you want to do is exacerbate the situation.

Focus on what truly matters – when you practice kindness, care, and a little TLC on yourself, it isn’t as bad as you think.

Tip #2: Ditch the black – it’s time to be bold and be you!

We’ve all been told black’s a slimming color. But here are my two pieces. Black can be a color to hide away all your insecurities and secrets.

The problem in that is it’s not empowering. It’s not accepting yourself, beautifully made, just the way you are. It’s in not understanding that flaws and curves are perfectly fine, in their imperfections. That mentality of “hiding rolls under a black cover” must disappear.

Instead of wearing black – for your next swimsuit look for when you’re rocking the beaches, go for jewel tones, like navy, emerald, or marsala. These regal tones make your body shape look like a million dollars. (Or more, but who’s counting?)

Tip #3: Emphasize on one accessory piece that is your statement look

An accessory does more than just compliment your whole outfit. Whether you’re wearing a two-piece swimsuit, or silk lingerie, pairing it up with a statement piece will give you that maximum pinch of perfection in every angle.

Take this opportunity to put the spotlight on that singular piece, in this case, less is more. Be it an earring, a shimmering gold necklace, or classic diamond studs, let it be an extension of your personality.

Tip #4: If you’re heavy on the arms, don’t hold back – simply switch to elbow sleeves, or even Magyar instead!

I must admit, this tip is something I wholly stand by. Ever since my high school days, I despised going sleeveless, for dresses, t-shirts, or even jackets. I hated it, knowing that my flabby arms were out there, unhidden.

However, that all changes as I grew older and started growing into myself. Experimenting in different styles and looks gave me that confidence I desperately needed, and now I would share a tip, I so often hated.

Go for the sleeveless look. If you’re still uninclined to do so, opt for elbow sleeves or Magyar instead and they will do the trick. Confidence is everything and that should not stop you from showing up anywhere, wearing what you desire.

It is perfectly fine if you’re into a strapless bikini piece and you have heavier arms – go for it.

Tip #5: Invest in an all-season neutral color and timeless silhouettes instead of chasing trends – they will never fail you

Standing the test of times are my favorite neutral colors. Perfect for any occasion – be it a wedding, an intimate evening, or even a dip in the ocean, investing in neutral colors evens out your complexion and smoothens any curves you have out of place.

Elegant and timeless, dress to highlight your silhouette instead of chasing trends that comes and goes. Your curves are your power, your weapon, and your beauty. Embrace all that is you and in time, you’ll truly know that it is a feminine power, an initiation of becoming all that is women and of maternal grace.

Tip #6: Go for support, but also know that pleasure is just as important

When choosing your next bra or swimsuit, don’t just choose the one that gives you maximum support for your weight. When I went bra shopping with my mother in my childhood days, I would always dread picking one. With the antique-looking 4 hooked clasp and the drastic beige colors, it was not a fun experience, to say the least.

Here’s a handy tip for you – the support means nothing when you’re not happy with what you wear. Rocking an outfit takes more than just ensuring your body stays in place, it’s all about being satisfied with the pleasure of what you have on you. Don’t let that take the fun out of your shopping experience. Know that you can have both support and pleasure – and you should not compromise on that.

Wrapping up…

Achieving your signature look is something that is not as easy as it sounds. At times, you’re stuck between compromising on sizes available, and/or if it has the right amount of support, rather than going with what you want, deep down.

No number of colors or outfits will make you happy for long if you’re not at peace with yourself and the beauty you have, just by embracing your curves. Beauty comes from within, not from outward.

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