Marvelous and confident curvy girl! This topic hits home because your girl is curvy too. I struggled with body-shaming all my life until I turned 25. It was time to bathe with self-esteem. I decided that I was going to be ok with showing my body just the way it was. This is how I did it– I worked on my mindset first, I told myself that I was beautiful and needed to stop hiding. I gathered the courage to look at myself in the mirror, and from a place of love and not a harsh judgment I pinpointed the areas that I loved about my body and decided to highlight those more. While the arms and midsection are not my best features, I learned how to work with them. After all, they are part of me.

The following are tips on how to rock your body in a bikini this summer. Ready or not!

Tip 1: Wear chic high waisted bikini bottoms like a pin-up girl! 

You are more than empowered to wear hip-hugging bottoms but for me, and my comfort level, I suggest the very feminine and chic high-waisted bikini bottom. It adds a flattering fit to both the lower stomach and bottom. You can have full coverage on the back or show a bit more with a cheeky style. This could be paired up with a beach wrap tied to the side to make your grand reveal on the sandy beach!

Tip 2: Make sure your top is the right size

When it comes to the top you can go the modest route like me (since one of my “ opportunity spots” is the arms). I recommend a trendy long sleeve crop top. I get coverage on my arms and it hits right under my bust. A regular bikini top, halter, bralette, or asymmetrical ( one shoulder) are very flattering and provide the best support if you are a busty girl. Keep in mind that fit is the most important, otherwise, it will create a problem that is not even there. For busty girls V necks are ideal. If you have a smaller bust padded styles or even bandeau will work.

Goal of the day: keep everything in place and forget about the constant fixing.

Tip 3: Monokinis

Last, but not least, the monokini; a bikini whose top and bottom pieces are connected by cloth either on the front, the back, or both, but with the lower back area uncovered. Even though it is technically a one-piece it gives the illusion of wearing a bikini because the cut-outs all around leave in the open everything but the front midsection. This is a style that fits everyone and it is very flattering. Depending on where the cutouts are placed, it gives the visual effect of a smaller waist and wider hips, so feminine!

Bonus tip: Wear wedges or comfy heels. This will elongate your figure and visually slim you down. ( It works!)

Now, you are ready to confidently show off your curves at the beach or pool. Do not forget to have fun as you choose the perfect bikini and share with us what has worked for you.

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