Summer has arrived just in time for Bikini Day and It is no coincidence that it lands on July 5th! This summer, due to circumstances greater than us, you probably have had to change some plans but Bikini day is not canceled! I will give you 3 fun ideas to celebrate the holiday in style. BUT, before we adventure into the fun, let us adventure into some Bikini day history that will make you want to share.

Bikini Day Facts

  • The bikini was born at a Paris poolside photoshoot on July 5, 1946 
  • The designer, former engineer Louis Réard
  • The first female to wear the Bikini was a Casino dancer, the only one that dared to wear the suit. 
  • For the first time, women were showing the belly button. (Scandalous!) 

Two-piece swimsuits were already being used by women but the most they showed was the midriff. The Bikini revolutionized the world by showing the belly button and revealing more that it had been revealed by modest women of the era.

Ok! Now, with the history out of the way. Get excited for Bikini day with these 3 fun ideas.

1. Gather your girlfriends and (if you can) go to your favorite pool or beach

As we gain the confidence to slowly go out and re-experience our favorite spots with our “ new normal” do not miss this opportunity to visit that special beach or pool in your bikini. The packing list; 3 best friends, sunscreen, tanning lotion, spritzers, fruits beach volleyball or card games… and some music!

2. Staying in? – Get social & creative!

celebrate the bikini day at home

If you have decided to stay in, but would like to celebrate, get creative, and stage a beach in your house! Create a fun video wearing your favorite bikini and give some styling ideas for girls like you. You can get techy using video editing tools from different social media apps. Let your hair down and laugh out loud, share with the world your charm, and celebrate Bikini day. Do not forget your spritzer!

3. Get a new Bikini!

Shopping for a new bikini is the best way to celebrate Bikini Day, some brands might release their new collections on Bikini Day and others will probably be on sale! ( Who doesn’t love a good sale?). If you already know your fit and style, buy the bikini! If you are on the more modest side, no problem, this could be the perfect excuse to freshen up your swimsuit collection for 2020.

We all have our first bikini story. I always admired girls that wore bikinis because I thought it was only made for a certain body type. Today, the bikini comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics. Designers have expanded the style to flatter more body shapes which encourage buying bikinis and show our bodies just the way they are!

Marvelous girl, if you have been wanting to buy a bikini for a while, and hesitated because of fear of what others will say… take Bikini Day as the opportunity to say no to self-doubt and go for what you want and wear it proudly.

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