Practicing yoga in nature is loaded with tangible benefits. During a yoga session, the mind relaxes and focuses on the poses and being in the present moment. The beach counts with elements that elevate the experience by enjoying the purest air, feeling the calming breeze, vibrating with the waves,  getting vitamin D from the invigorating heat from the sun, and the warmth of the sand on your feet. #yogagoals

Selecting the right outfit can add to your blissful beach yoga experience.  Your clothes need to help facilitate the flow of the session. Your body is the most important element in the space, it must become a vehicle of strength, comfort, and flexibility. As you may have guessed it, a bikini is the best suit to wear for beach yoga; it is breathable, provides comfort, your extremities are out in the open so you get the most freedom to stretch fully and receive all the goodness.

Here are some reasons why wearing a bikini is the best option :

Full body detox while you sweat

Wearing a bikini covering only your top and bottom allows important areas of the body to breathe and sweat freely and connect with mother earth. Sweating is how your body cools itself and releases small amounts of heavy metals like BPA from plastics.

Extremities and muscle groups are free for maximum stretch and mindfulness

A bikini covers only your bottom, leaving your extremities and key muscle groups free to get the most out of your efforts. Many Yoga poses help to loosen tight muscle groups and increase the range of motion in joints and your bikini allows you to focus better on them.

Provides the full experience of connecting as one with Mother Earth

As many beach yoga sessions happen at sunrise and the sand is not too hot, being able to touch the sand with your bare skin helps connect with the energy that Mother Earth exudes and unite your body and soul as one with her.

You are free to enjoy the water after your session

The obvious benefit of wearing a bikini for your beach yoga session is that you can plunge into the water after your session for a full-body decompression and strengthening while you swim freely and meditatively in open water.

When selecting your bikini, keep this in mind

You must select a bikini top that helps with the overall experience. it has to give full support. Especially, for poses that require the body to be upside down or contouring in a way that you may have to constantly adjust it. If you prefer a string top, which provides the most freedom, make sure the fabric covers entirely the areas that need to be covered to avoid unpleasant accidents. If you are a busty gal, I recommend the athletic bikini tops that are designed to help you perform at your best.

Get out and try some Beach Yoga this Summer! It might be just what your body, mind, and soul crave.


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