Wearing a bathing suit with confidence is a luxury that only you decide to give yourself as you show off your wonderfully made body. No matter your body type, size, or imperfections.

If this is an area that you need to work on, bathe in self – esteem first. This confidence can only come from full acceptance of who we are and knowing our bodies so well to buy the type of clothing that best suits us.

Modest Fashion is a great start, brands that are body conscious are gaining popularity. They will be seen more in the next decade as more sizes and body types are included in the runways and product offerings.

Here are some styles that will make your look fashionable:


Swimsuits with sleeves are the trendiest this summer season. They provide sun protection and come mostly in the one-piece bodice, but you can also find it in a two-piece presentation as a crop top with the high waisted bottom. It is the chicest way to cover your arms if that is your problem area!

High waisted bikini bottoms

High waisted bottoms are a classic now, and we love it! They provide extra coverage on your back and help you channel that retro pin-up girl. They come in every print and color and can be worn with different tops for versatility. This style of the bottom is perfect to cover the waist area.

Multi-Tasking bathing suits

Swimming tees are a thing…and I had no idea, Jessica Rey has a great collection of tees that match perfectly your high waisted bikini bottoms but also can we worn with a pair of shorts or jeans and it goes from a “regular top” to a swimsuit piece! styling a bikini top with a skirt or layering a sheer dress over a high-waist two-piece. This is the evolution of the Tankini. Using ruffles, puffed sleeves, and modern silhouettes this trend promises to stay because it is very practical! You can go from the mall to the beach in your suit.

Sustainable fabrics

Because being modest is also being ethical. We favor the use of the earth-friendly fabric only, Econyl. Many swimwear labels are going greener. Anemone a new line founded by industry vets, utilizes fabric made via Eurojersey’s closely monitored process and then sliced, sewn, and embroidered.

When we speak of modest fashion, your grandma does not come to mind anymore. It is widely accepted, and brands slowly but surely are joining the modest fashion movement as they are forced to be more inclusive with sizing and different body types.

Dressing modestly goes beyond faith reasons. It is also to be In-tune with body consciousness and comfort. Using activewear for swimming will soon become a thing of the past and we are happy!

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