So you have been working out hard to get that Bikini body and your mind in the right place to show off your mighty curves. It’s Summertime and nothing will keep you from going on that Staycation! You already went through your Pinterest 2020 trends inspo-board and selected your beachwear, sandals, flip flops, a wide brim straw hat, and realized that your bikini game is so 2019!

Worry not, I have researched for you and will share a list of my personal favorites. These are the Top 7 Best Bikini Brands in the market right now. They are trendy, feminine, fun, and cater to every single body type and size ( Ashley Graham approved).

 Classified in three categories: Trendy, Modest Chic and Sustainable – [drum roll]

Trendy Bikini Brands

This list is for the daring girl who loves to show off her curves from every angle without sacrificing comfort and the current trends.

Agua Bendita

This inspiring Colombian bikini brand has body-loving, flattering silhouettes. Even though they do not offer plus sizes, their bikinis just fit perfectly on anyone. Their collections are handcrafted and embroidered by women artisans whom the company has committed to helping to enhance their lives and their communities.


This young and fun bikini brand is inclusive and features plus sizes. They have unique prints and feminine silhouettes. If you like the California girl vibe, this is your brand. Their motto is “Live Life On the Beach”.


This US-based bikini brand is flattering and comfortable. They focus on nostalgic prints and shapes while their fit testing is what sets them apart. Each bikini is tested to fit perfectly. Their feel is for a classic and sexy girl.

Chic & Modest Bikini Brands

This category is for the girl that places modesty as a priority and likes the vintage pin-up girl look and offers plus sizing.

Kitty and Vibe

Kitty and Vibe’s is an inclusive bikini brand that features plus-sizing that runs up to G for tops, and to 3XL for bottoms. This brand loves all body types and races. Their unique take on modesty is chic and flattering.


If you are into the vintage, 50’s look with a modern twist this bikini brand is for you. They offer plus sizes, unique prints, and silhouettes allusive of the era. The sizing goes up to 4X.

Sustainable Bikini Brands

These are for those conscious girls that think GREEN. Those that want to be part of the solution to the world’s problems without sacrificing style.

Paper- London

This London based bikini brand uses 100% recycled fabrics. It has a classic and versatile bikini collection. If you are a fun, feminine, and sophisticated girl and like the European flair, this is the brand for you.

Hackwith Design House

This bikini brand features classic and timeless design. With stunning color palettes and modest, well-fitting suits that are recycled polyester. Their pieces are triple lined, run as big as size 4.5, and are made to order. This US brand is #goals.

I suggest supporting your local bikini brands or have your bikini custom made. It might be as affordable as buying it.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how much effort bikini brands are making to become more responsible, inclusive, and open to the rapid changes in the climate and the industry.

Now, you are ready to up your 2020 bikini game!  Have a sunny and unforgettable Summer!

P.S: If you do not see your favorite bikini brand on this list, please comment and share yours below.

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